Multiple instances when yard is not being watered even though I received email saying it had started

I have had two instances over the past few months when I discovered that my system was not watering my yard even though I received emails telling me that watering had been taking place.

In both cases when I finally figured out the watering was not taking place (after a week in the first instance) I pulled the power on the unit and then powered it back up and successfully started the watering cycle.

In this same time frame I had two power outages so this could easily be related to the timing my wifi network coming back online and the Rachio unit booting back up, or something else entirely.

In any case I am confused as to why the unit would not simply water on the pre-arranged schedule provided it had power and knew the time as my previous “dumb” controller would do. So my question for the support team is how can the app tell me that watering has started when the unit has in fact not started watering? I would like to turn your answer into a feature request to either fix this so it does not happen or have the app notify me that I need to reboot the Rachio controller so please see if you can give me enough info to include in the feature request.

Hi Chip,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that your system isn’t watering even though you’re receiving notifications saying that it has been watering. I’m going to have one of our agents reach out to get your best contact number and give you a phone call to do some troubleshooting to see where the issue is. I apologize for the inconvenience and we’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the prompt reply. My controller is currently operating and I have altered my watering schedule so I can keep an eye on things and reboot the controller if needed. I am happy to help out and look forward to hearing from your team.

well, the cloud generates the messages, so if you got this message and no watering happened, i would suspect that your unit power cycled. can you manually run each zone and have it work? there have been a few ppl that have had the unit power cycle when they activate a certain zone, it would be cool to rule that out

if rachio support is already working with you, disregard this comment.

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