Multiple Harnesses

Installing my new Gen 1 16 zone system. I have two wiring harnesses to cover all my zones. It’s not perfectly split between 1-8 and 9-16. Should I connect the two common wires to each of the two commons, and then tie them together with a jumper? Or, are the commons already connected behind the panel.


The commons are already tied to each other. I have a similar setup and just put one common in each plug without any extra jumper.

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Perfect. Thanks.

Good to know, I have 18 valves coming in on 4 harnesses. I’ll have to double up two sets of valves (low flow drips) to get down to 16. I was concerned about the common wires but it sounds like the two common connectors are internally connected. So a common lead connected to bank one would work ok if some of those wires from the same harness were plugged into bank one and other wires from the same harness were plugged into bank two? Clear as mud…Hope someone can figure out what i just wrote and contribute…Thanks