Multiple Flex Daily Schedules if Start/End Dates don't overlap

As a home owner who creates schedules, I want to be able to create multiple Flex Daily schedules for different times of the year so that I do not need to continually delete and recreate my watering schedules.

I have to keep multiple schedules for different times of the year, based on watering restrictions. I need one schedule for March and April, a second for May thru August, and a third schedule for September and October.
Currently, if I want to take advantage of the Flex Daily feature, I need to delete my schedule and create a new one on March 1st, on May 1st, and again on September 1st.
Can the system allow multiple Flex Daily schedules as long as the Start and End dates for each one does not overlap any others?

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I agree, that would be a good idea. In the meantime, a possible workaround:

You CAN have multiple Flex Daily schedules as long as they don’t use the same zone. Either using a Zone that is Disabled, or one that you don’t use Flex Daily for, create your first Flex Daily schedule. Just don’t add the normal zones you don’t want it to be used for. Then create the others using a different Disabled zone (you probably have to Enable it first, but if it’s not used, it doesn’t matter). Then a 3rd schedule or whatever.

For example, I use zones 1-5 on my Flex Daily, and zones 7-12 are Disabled. I can create a Flex Daily for March-April using zone 7, for May-August using zone 8 and September-October using zone 9. Then, whichever schedule I want to use, Add zones 1-5 to it. When it’s time for the next schedule change, Remove zones 1-5 from the first, and add them to the second schedule. Etc.

Not perfect, and I agree Rachio should allow multiple Flex Daily schedules, just not let them work unless only 1 is Enabled or available due to date.


I agree: Not perfect as it still requires edits on the same days, but the edits are more simplistic. But this is the best workaround I’ve heard so far! Thank you VERY much!!! Nice thinking!


Hi Bekoehler,

I live in Southern California and design irrigation for CA Native Plant gardens. I am hoping that some day, if I wish upon a star, Rachio will provide an option for us.

Perhaps these instructions are easier to follow. You can set it for non-native CA plants using the same technique. Rachio, please advise if there are errors in these instructions.

Multiple Flex Daily Schedules for CA NATIVE PLANTS in So. Cal. Weather

A work-around for a 4 Valve & 8 Zone Rachio Controller:
You CAN create multiple Flex Daily schedules as long as they don’t use the same zone as an existing enabled Zone during set-up. Either use a zone that is disabled, or one that is not used as Flex Daily Schedule. This is temporary.

  1. Create your first Flex Daily schedule For Hottest Months. Do not include the zones that you are designing it for or the TARGET ZONES.

  2. Next, create the others using a different Disabled or un-used zone (if it hasn’t been used, you will have to “Enable “it first).
    EXAMPLE: If you use zones TARGET ZONES 1-4 on your existing Flex Daily schedule. Do not include these in the new schedules.
    Disable the TARGET ZONES during programming.

  3. For programming, use SET UP ZONES 5-8 that are either disabled or not programmed. Enable if necessary.

  4. Using SET UP ZONE 5, create THE FIRST Flex Daily schedule for the hottest 4 months in Southern California, July-October.

  5. Using SET UP ZONE 6, create THE SECOND Flex Daily schedule for the beginning of the cooler rainy months, Nov-Feb.

  6. Using SET UP ZONE 7, create THE THIRD Flex Daily schedule for the spring schedule, March-June.

  7. AFTER programming the SET UP ZONES, disable the 3 that you will not be using.

  8. On July 1, ENABLE SET UP ZONE 5 (the Hot Season Schedule) and include/enable TARGET ZONES 1-4, and disable SET UP ZONE 5.

  9. When you come to a new irrigation quarter, The Cool Rainy Season, DISABLE TARGET ZONES 1-4, DISABLE the PREVIOUS SET UP ZONE 5. Enable SET UP ZONE 6 and add TARGET ZONES 1-4 to it. Then disable SETUP ZONE 6.

Thanks! You’ve hit on the exact workaround I’ve been doing. Now I just need to set a calendar reminder so I change the schedule (otherwise, fines will commence for watering on “off” days!).

Appreciate the time you took and detail you provided! Very easy directions to follow.


Hi Bert,
I am rewarded by your finding my instructions easy to follow. I keep hoping that Rachio will make this marvelous software more user friendly. They have good self-help services but I have a feeling that the entire program could be more user friendly.

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