Mulch (gravel) in zone setup

A few of my zones have (gravel) mulch as soil cover. Since these help with moisture preservation, do I need to make any adjustments to zone configuration to compensate? Perhaps, to the sun exposure setting?

I always considered that mulch of some type was considered om the settings for shrubbery and such, as everyone I know has some type of it.

but then the same question is for zones that don’t have a mulch layer :slight_smile: I figure that the evaporation rates are different enough with and without mulch that scheduling (especially daily flex) would be affected.

You’re probably right. But there are a lot of conditions that have similar effect that are not currently considered, like length of grass or actual grass type (not all warm-season grasses are the same). Some people think Rachio already asks more questions than they should (for simplicity), but I (and probably you) would prefer more questions for more accuracy.

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