Mounting Rachio Gen 2 to Masonry Foundation Wall

I just got my Rachio Gen 2 and I would like to be able to mount it to my masonry foundation. I went out and bought the smallest diameter Tapcon masonry screws (3/16"). These screws are still too big to fit through the mounting holes in the unit. What am I supposed to do?

Perhaps you could use some pressure treated lumber or aluminum to create a mounting plate that you could attach to the masonry foundation and then attach the Gen 2 controller to the plate. Make sure you caulk around the plate so water doesn’t get behind it.

Its probably pretty close to the needed diameter, right. Drill out the holes?

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Drill out the hole in the box.

I’m afraid that I might crack the plastic, no?

Use a good drill bit don’t press too hard, plastic is pretty maluable

Thank you. I will do that.

it will work, then you will feel like a boss for having to do onsite refab, baller.