Motion detection and zone specific zone and time control

I have a need to have a particular zone come on when it see motion for a specific time ( in seconds ). In zone one I have a cat that continually takes a dump and digs up my grass to bury his crap. I want a 24-7-364 IR motion detector that will tell zone ( 1) to come on for 20 seconds ( or whatever time needed) and then shut off and repeat this process each and every time it see’s motion. Since I have five zones I’d like to have five IR detectors and assign an IR detector to a zone to turn on that zone as described. How do we get this done

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Your easiest option is probably to rig up a motion sensor that connects to IFTTT (try Dlink or WeMo?) and have it trigger a manual run of the associated zone (minimum time 1 minute).

If you’re on Flex Daily scheduling, though, this will eventually get any overlapping zones out of sync:

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This may have unintended consequences - Rachio can only run one zone at a time. Either whatever you are running will be interrupted or your motion event will send a request that gets queued and the cat will be long gone before learning her lesson.

There are some off the shelf solutions at the link below. Of course the cost would add up given that you want 5 of them. If I were to go this route I’d get adapters to tap off of the underground irrigation. Otherwise you’d have hoses everywhere.