Motion Activation and Security Camera Integration

It would be nice to be able to add smart motion activation intelligence to the rachio. In this way with security cameras aimed at my zones if a deer for example enters my lawn and is about to munch on my ornamentals the sprinklers can be triggered in hopes of startling the deer away from my lawn. Cats can be scared away from pooping in sandboxes prowlers away from windows etc. etc.

Wifi camera systems have the ability to distinguish human from animal… once cameras are a part of the system they can visually verify weather conditions can watch the lawn color and possibly even spot broken/ill aimed heads especially when the system is running at night when I am asleep.

thresholds for triggering zones can be animal or type of motion specific… also with a new install you could even develop a specialized sentry zone that as specialized heads that can be activated an aimed via the camera/motion sensors to hit the unwanted intruder but that is down the road… immediate use would be integration with arlo or ring or any of the other wifi security camera companies out there.

This can be done with integration into a home automation hub like Smartthings, or if said security cameras can connect to IFTTT, and a rule can be made to trigger a zone upon motion. I believe both Arlo and Ring will link with most.

Years ago I did it with the Smartthings integration for the neighbors dog that kept relieving himself in my yard.

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