More web interface user testing results

Hi, just tried using the Web interface again and thought I’d post some more info about its behavior. Trying to add fixed schedules…

Reached the panel where you select which zone(s) you want to include. In Chrome this is still broken. Switched to Firefox 43.0.1 and got better results. Zone selection butt

ons seem to work with this browser version.

Added one fixed schedule - it seemed that in order to give it a custom name I had to finish creating it then go back and edit it to get a name I wanted. Did I miss something in the interface. This seems odd.

Adding a second fixed zone: when I got to the Rain Skip Threshold panel, the blue checkmark was misaligned (screenshot)

Editing 2nd fixed schedule. “Freeze Skip Temperature” panel: initially set to “Enabled”. Clicking on the toggle button causes the button thumb to slide left and the button turns gray, but the label remains at “Enabled”. If you click the back arrow at the top left at this point and watch carefully, you can see the button thumb sliding back to where it was and turning blue again as the panel slides right. You are returned to the “Weather Intelligence” panel, which shows that the “Freeze Skip” feature is still enabled.

On the “Weather Intelligence” selection panel, click the right-side down arrow for “Climate Skip”. Click the toggle button twice to turn the feature off then on again. Move the mouse back up to the expand arrow (which is now pointing up). As soon as you do this, the button will turn itself off again. This also happens the other way around (off-on-off). The “Seasonal Shift” interface does not seem to have this issue.

That’s all for today! Cheers!

Hello again, just a couple of amendments to the previous post.

All of the panel issues I described seem to occur only when EDITING an existing schedule, as opposed to creation of a new schedule. Currently, editing an existing schedule seems to be using different UI elements vs creation.

I did find the method for giving a new schedule a name during creation. IMO though, this needs to be labeled or otherwise made obvious in the UI. It’s not visually intuitive that you can click on that area and edit the name.


Hey @klandingham-

Just to clarify, after switching to Firefox, did you remain in Firefox for the remainder of the issues you outlined, or were you in Chrome?

I had to remain in Firefox to be able to create the schedules I needed, since zone selection would not work for me in Chrome.

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I also am unable to create new schedules in Chrome because the zone selection buttons do not work. They work ok in Safari. Have not noticed any other UI problems lately except inability to delete custom nozzles.