More weather station stuff

I’m trying to pick the best weather station. I’m near Parker Rd, and S. Pinery pkwy in 80134.

I was using KCOPARKE59, but it seems like this station is reporting a high amount of precip every day now for a few minutes. I know that can’t be true. This is throwing off the Rachio.

I think the other MID stations don’t have precip, but I could be wrong.

Am I better off using the pws about 4 miles away, LMS01? Or the non personal station in centennial?

My location is a little higher than other places in Denver and even Parker. The weather here can be completely different from downtown Parker.

Hey @mogulman!

Can you post the links to the different stations you are considering so I can review them?

McKynzee :rachio:

Nice to see another Parker Rachio user. I’m on the western end of Parker & Main – quite a few PWS here.

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Alright @mogulman, I did some digging. Below are the most recent precip events on each of the stations you listed. Something is definitely wrong with the first station, so I ignored that one. Which of the following seem more accurate?

Station LSM01
Last days of precip were August 12-16

Last days of precip were August 12 and August 14-15 (lower precip measurements than the previous station)

PS @ssindelman and @mogulman- Rachio HQ is in Denver, you guys should stop by for some swag sometime :colorado:

Yeah. Definitely. Right now I’m volunteering a lot for GABF. So most of my swag is beer related. Need to mix it up.

The MID weather stations don’t tract precipitation. Right?

I’m on LMS01 right now. It’s a little closer.