More options to adjust moisture levels

I’d like the ability to tweak the moisture levels more than Empty or Fill. Adding a 50% option would be workable, 25%, 50%, 75% options would be ideal. The issue I’m having right now is that my yard takes a lot longer to dry out after a big rain storm than Iro thinks. The moisture graph is mostly correct the rest of the year so I’m hesitant to tweak any of the other settings.


Would the rain delay feature help you in this situation?

I don’t think so; it’s been at least a week since the last rain.

Would be a neat feature, I think at some point we did allow a raw percent as input. If we ever incorporate moisture sensors this would be a necessity.

Thanks for the input! I’ll make sure the product team receives this.



I agree. this is a difficult adjustment to make, but a needed one in software/settings.