More information on schedules list page

Hi, I find it difficult to check my schedule settings at a glance. I believe the schedule list page could show more information for each schedule, even if that means each schedule row on the page takes up more room.

Showing a little more summary information for each schedule without having to click on it form more details would be helpful. Showing the total runtime, interval, and any current intelligence delay/adjustment would be helpful when looking at the schedules list page.

I believe this is helpful in monitoring for mistakes in changes to schedules as well as occasionally reviewing the schedules to determine if adjustments are necessary.

I have on occasion, reviewed the schedule details for a specific schedule and discovered that the watering duration was much longer than I thought.

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Hey @mnichols,

Thank you so much for sharing this feedback! While you can’t see that information directly on the Scheduels tab, you can see some of that information when you click on a specific day within the calendar.

Passing this feedback onto our team for further research :slight_smile:

Lo :rachio: