More flexible manual mode

I just overseeded some areas and I wanted to run 3 sprinkler zones back-to-back on manual. Right now I can either start all zones with the play button on the home screen of the Android app, or run each zone manually from the zone settings. It would be better if the manual mode screen had the time selector and 2 buttons at the bottom: All zones, Some zones. Then some zones would allow selecting which zones to run on manual mode. Also remember which zones were selected last time in case I want to run the same manual zones again soon.

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Agreed! It would also be nice to be able to manually start a particular schedule. One place this would be helpful is if watering was skipped due to rain in the forecast, but if it didn’t actually rain, I would like to manually be able to kick off the schedule manually to make up for it. Of course, additional automation to allow the Iro to do this on its own would be even better, but that is already being discussed in an different thread.

Plus 1. Manual mode needs some expansion. I think the easiest would be to add the ability to manually run a schedule like Sami says.

Plus 2, Sami.

Plus 1 for Sami’s idea. Would be great to be able to kick off a schedule on demand.

Plus 1 for Sami’s idea (manually running a schedule).

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Like Sami’s idea also. The manually start all zones for x minutes makes no sense compared to running an existing program (watering time)…and being able to adjust percent (run 50% as long as normal) would fit what many people are used to doing with their old systems.