Monthy Flexible with day skip


I saw some older threads about this, and the IFTTT solution. Seems like that solution does nothing more than skip the day, and not adjust the schedule if that day was a watering day. Is that still correct?

I would LOVE, like many others, to be on this type of schedule, but be able to say “Don’t water on Fridays” (when the lawn service comes) BUT, it Friday was a going to be a scheduled day, make an intelligent decision and either water Thursday or Saturday (which ever is better, based on some kind of logic!)

Any further thoughts on this type of features or ability? (IF the IFTTT solution works by adding a watering day on either side, I will to that, no problem… just don’t want to totally skip this ‘day’)



Hey @sfineone-

You are correct, it will just skip that day and not push it back, which is unfortunate. I think ultimately just adding restriction capabilities to flex monthly would be the best option. Would you ever consider switching to a flex daily? It may be a better fit for you!

McKynzee :rachio:


I am open to trying, sure. The current schedule is just how I had it set up and seemed to work

I will check them out… hopefully I can make something work. But, still having the ‘day skip’ feature would be very nice!



Agreed! Regardless, will get this feedback to the team. Thank you! Let us know if you need any help getting set up with flex.


What IFTTT recipe are you using? I was looking for something similar. I have a rachio monthly schedule for my lawn and I’d like to not water the lawn before it gets mowed. Ideally, I’d like to put the mowing schedule into a Google calendar and have IFTTT read the calendar and suspend a watering until some time after the event is complete. I also have SmartThings so, I have to think that between IFTTT, Rachio, SmartThings, and Google Calendar this can be accomplished. Has anyone tried?


Hey @CouchFisher!

I believe you could set up and IFTTT recipe similar to this:

If calendar event registers, then rain delay controller for 1 day.

You would have to set up the Google Cal events for the day before you would like to mow. I hope that is helpful, let me know if it works!

McKynzee :rachio:


Thanks. I wrote the applet. If it works, I’ll publish it.