Monthly flex schedule frequency too long

I recently set up a monthly flex for 2 of my zones. The system ran these zones on May 4 but shows the next watering to be May 20th. That is way too long. I have rechecked the parameters and everything looks ok.
Here are the settings for one of the zones:
Shrubs/fixed spray head/ sandy loam/some shade/slight slope
Advanced: area=600ft, avail water .24, root depth 15", allowed depletion=50%, efficiency=80%, crop c=50%, nozzle 1.5"/hr.

Any insight on what is going on?


The main factor for frequency is root zone depth. We will provide a deep watering but much less frequently when the root zone depth is long (like shrubs that have a default 15 inch root zone depth).

If you would like to have your schedule water more frequently you could try adjusting the root zone depth a bit (down) which will increase water frequency while also shortening watering duration.

Here is some useful information if you want to know more of the science or how to better adjust these schedule types.


OK thanks. I did look at the FAQ before but did not see your reasoning there.

I changed the root depth to 7" and it did increase the frequency but it does meet my needs. I have flowers in pots that have bubblers attached to one of my spray heads that need more frequent watering. I guess I will go back to fixed schedules.