Moisture Sensors - Allow each zone control this option

Toro Moisture Sensors or any other sensors connected.

Allow each zone to be controlled/use/enable/disable a moisture sensor.

If two sensors are installed (whatever type they may be) allow the zone to select which one it uses (s1/s2/s1+s2).

Current workflow has a sensor control the entire system.

Doesn’t seem appropriate to have one sensor decide if all 8/16 zones should be irrigated.

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Hi Rachio, @dane

Let’s “close the loop” on our Smart Irrigation please.

As a bit of background, I specifically would like:
S1 - Assign to Control Zone 1 (single zone) for Front Turf
S2 - Assign to Control Zones 2,3,4 for Back Turf

And on Rachio 4, would like Sensor inputs up to 1 each for each zone.


Right with Tempe on this. Thanks!

You are talking about a pretty major bump in hardware costs for something that far less than 5% of Rachio users would use, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one…

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Perhaps it’s a “tree fallen in the forest” issue, but none the less… Most MCU’s (sub $5) have boatloads of GPIO inputs to sense open/closed, but of course it’s a Rachio product decision.

My preference of course would be:
Rachio 4 to include integrated Zigbee, along with Rachio branded/integrated battery powered+solar Zigbee Soil Moisture/Sun light/Temp Sensors sharing actual values, not just threshold make/break. I know, I know, it’s easy for me to dream up someone else’s product roadmap but never know if might help trigger something within Rachio.

And at $140 per sensor at Amazon, this really ups the cost of a 16-zone system. I doubt I’d ever see enough water savings to make that cost-effective, nor would I welcome the complexity.

My ask was to have a sensor be allocated to whichever zone the USER chooses via software enabling. Current state: 1 sensor rules all zones.

My ask: If sensor A detects moisture apply skip to zone x y and/or z.

The current capability to assign one sensor to all zones would still be an OPTION where as now, it’s the only option.

It’s up to the user to purchase additional sensors as they would see fit for their needs.

My ask doesn’t necessarily need to expand sensor inputs. Of course more the merrier allows fine tuning, at the expense of the user.

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