Moisture Sensors - Allow each zone control this option

Toro Moisture Sensors or any other sensors connected.

Allow each zone to be controlled/use/enable/disable a moisture sensor.

If two sensors are installed (whatever type they may be) allow the zone to select which one it uses (s1/s2/s1+s2).

Current workflow has a sensor control the entire system.

Doesn’t seem appropriate to have one sensor decide if all 8/16 zones should be irrigated.

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Hi Rachio, @dane

Let’s “close the loop” on our Smart Irrigation please.

As a bit of background, I specifically would like:
S1 - Assign to Control Zone 1 (single zone) for Front Turf
S2 - Assign to Control Zones 2,3,4 for Back Turf

And on Rachio 4, would like Sensor inputs up to 1 each for each zone.


Right with Tempe on this. Thanks!

You are talking about a pretty major bump in hardware costs for something that far less than 5% of Rachio users would use, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one…

Perhaps it’s a “tree fallen in the forest” issue, but none the less… Most MCU’s (sub $5) have boatloads of GPIO inputs to sense open/closed, but of course it’s a Rachio product decision.

My preference of course would be:
Rachio 4 to include integrated Zigbee, along with Rachio branded/integrated battery powered+solar Zigbee Soil Moisture/Sun light/Temp Sensors sharing actual values, not just threshold make/break. I know, I know, it’s easy for me to dream up someone else’s product roadmap but never know if might help trigger something within Rachio.