Moisture Sensor Integration


As I said, they break with time. Will try the spruce soil sensors now.


Guys, these are toys. Not the quality of soil moisture sensors manufactured by Toro or Rain Bird.


Agree that are less durable than the toro and rainbird, don’t know about precision since wirelesstags are very precise too. But you can’t compare the connectivity and features of the ones you mention with the wirelesstags. Toro and rainbird basically connect only to controllers and wirelesstags connect to the web making them infinitely much more usable with controllers you do not even know exist and not only to controllers but to IFTTT, Smarthings, etc. Making controllers a thing of the past basically.


I guess another concern is how long these moisture sensor companies will stay in business. Have any universities tested the products you mentioned?


I don’t know and I don’t care. I am talking to the home grower that doesn’t need an oldschool controller and many dollars to grow his garden but want’s to spend $20 for an ever evolving technology.


plus …

can you connect your sensors to Rachio?

Wirelesstags you can.


Yes, the Toro Precision Soil Sensor wires into the sensor port on Rachio, then uses wireless radio technology to connect to the sensor in the landscape. Same with the Rain Bird SMRT-Y, except the sensor wires directly into a valve. The Toro and Rain Bird soil sensors are well made and have heavy gauge stainless steel. I have taken a look at the products you mention and I doubt their long term viability. Buyer beware.


Edyn review not too good:


Spruce, deal breaker because it requires a spruce controller. Sensors look cheap:

Toro Precision Soil Sensor:

Wifi garden reviews and installs:

I read information on the wireless sensor tags, but did not read anything that explains how this product can connect to a controller. Reviews from 22 people average 4.3 out of 5, but they mention battery life is just 6 months and then you must buy a new sensor. Some say the sensors are dead out of the box.


You can use Spruce sensors directly with a SmartThings hub, which is cheaper than the spruce controller.

Wirelesstags connect to rachio or spruce via IFTTT or other shared platforms


Their long term viability as companies is questionable. Why isn’t using Rachio enough? No need for soil moisture sensors with Rachio.


I was just answering your questions.

Are you an irrigation expert and a M&A financial analyst too? Stick to the product discussion, we are not talking about companies. The best product out there for a homeowner in terms of usability, price and connectivity is Spruce sensor, period. Then wireless tags. If Spruce is bankrupt or about to be bought by Apple I do not care.


Your response is flagged for Rachio to review as very unkind.


You should be flagged for review for using this community to market your product agenda. Then you should be flagged for flagging others responses when you run out of arguments. And finally you should be flagged for flagging people for nothing.

Learn to discuss with arguments and accept when others are right.

You said you needed a Spruce controller for using Spruce sensors. WRONG.
I answered you that you could use a SmartThings hub which is much cheaper.

Then you said you didn’t know how to connect WirelessTags to Rachio. I will say it for the third time, you can use IFTTT to connect them. Maybe you just do not know what that is.

And you discard products because you doubt on their long term viability as a company ??!! Who are you again? Please show us your financial models on those companies or at least some hard facts for you to go out and state something like that. You should be flagged for review for expressing lies and unfunded statements on companies. That is a felony.


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