Moisture levels not quite zero, "chance of rain" every afternoon

This may have been answered before in the forums but I couldn’t find it. How many days will Flex go when there is a “chance” of rain the next day before it decides it definitely must water so that plants don’t reach the wilt point?

Here in the Carolinas we are already starting the summer weather pattern of a chance of rain every afternoon. Often times, we don’t get the rain and if we do, it can be very spotty who gets it. I understand Flex checking everything right before it decides whether to run or not (what really did happen in the last 24 hours and what the weather guys think is going to happen). But what happens if over and over the predicted weather doesn’t happen?

Here is an example of one my perennial zones (I worry more about these than I do the lawn, especially since this particular zone is mostly new plants getting established):

I’m pretty sure that eventually the estimated percip - et < mad and it goes.

See, you have nasty micro climates too. This is where a pws adds value.

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