Moisture levels and UTC

Please fix the moisture levels graph to use the local time of the user, not UTC. It’s confusing when things are reflected on the wrong day. If I do anything after 5PM pacific time, it’s going to show up the next day and is probably confusing people that don’t understand how UTC plays a part here.

(man, I hate timezones when it comes to dev work…)

I completely agree. I ran into this a couple times last week and I thought it was a mistake/bug. At a minimum I think the app should display what the local time is for the cutoff for the day. But having precipitation data that has already taken place, appear as if it is forecasted precipitation, is not only be confusing but also can delay watering by a day when it shouldn’t (based on the 24hr check that the app does before a schedule starts).

The moisture graph is also confusing because of using UTC. We are creatures of habit and generally consider “times” to be local phenomena.

In our backlog, but much harder than it looks. :wink:

Eventually we will get back to this.


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The software I work on has a lot of this type of thing to handle so I know how it is. You could do the offset on the UI level in the graph but of course, that doesn’t solve any under the hood decisions being made about when to irrigate.

Yes, that :smile:

I selfishly propose you base everything off pacific time. Surely your user base is larger here than in Iceland :smile:

I kind of like that, it would make everything a lot easier!


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I think we have fixed this issue. Please let us know if you see otherwise.


Excellent. I just ran a quick manual run and checked the moisture balance details. We’re showing on the 22nd! Nice work.


Yay also!!! It appears to be in my time zone now!

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Yes, I can confirm that I am seeing my morning AND evening irrigation total on the same day and NOT showing the evening irrigation on the next day. THANK YOU!

So, just to confirm… does this mean that the IRO’s perceived day for recording irrigation and precipitation is now 12AM - 11:59PM local time?



Great news! Thanks for making this change/adjustment!

Oh my! I always felt this was one of Iro’s most aggravating problems. Nice to see it fixed! Thx. Bill