Moisture Level Update Frequency


I have a question about how often the moisture levels are updated. It looks like my watering this morning was skipped because of a rain delay. I don’t remember seeing any rain predicted so I was surprised but figured it would water tomorrow since it did not rain at all. I was looking at the moisture graph this morning though and noticed the graph seems to think it water the lawn this morning. Will this be updated eventually to show there was no rain and thus it would run the schedule tomorrow?

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Back in July 2015 @franz said

" The calendar itself is just a prediction, using forecasted data. One hour before the flex schedule runs we get the current forecast, look at the current soil moisture level, and decide if we need to water. If it is on the calendar, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a watering will take place."

It’s in this thread.

So it will recheck everything before it wants to water again. If you look at the details, you will be able too see the recorded precip on past days from your weather station, and the predicted amounts.