Moisture level reporting for all zones?

I am thinking it would be a good idea to report moisture level for all zones, not just the zones on daily flex. This would let people run a fixed schedule, and tweak zone parameters and monitor actual moisture levels before switching to a daily flex schedule for the zone. That way people can verify the setup before committing to flex, and be more confident it will work for them.

For those people on a fixed or monthly flex schedules, they could use it to check if rain and climate skips are working for them, or helping them adjust or override their watering scheduling.


Hey @jkb,

I think this could be very helpful as an education component. In the meantime, I recommend adding a flex schedule on top of your fixed schedules. It’s very likely it won’t ever run since your fixed schedule should be keeping moisture levels in check, but it’s very interesting to watch the flex schedule react to your fixed schedule runs, and also to make sure you aren’t under watering! Thank you for the feedback, and let me know if you decide to give the flex schedule a shot!

McKynzee :rachio:

Yes, I agree that you can add a flex schedule to a zone that is watering on fixed, but I would be worried about it running and overwatering until I got the zone setup dialled in. Another option could be a ‘simulate’ mode for flex that tells you when the next watering would be scheduled, and how long it would run, without actually running. Simpler just to provide the moisture level graph for all zones.

Maybe this should be a separate request, but I never know when Rachio is recalculating the moisture levels and predicting the next watering. It would be nice if either the system recalculated the moisture level whenever zone data is saved, or have a refresh button so I can see the effect of updating zone information.

Thanks for listening!

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Do you have a zone that you are not using? If so, you could set it up just like one of your zones. Put it in a flex schedule. It won’t really be doing anything since the zone isn’t connecting to anything, but you will be able to see how that zone would work on Flex, and you will get moisture level charts.

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@jkb You could set up that flex schedule with a very high allowed depletion percentage (90%). That way it would be pretty much guaranteed never to run unless there was a catastrophic loss of moisture in your zones or something.

That way you can get your moisture graphs, and not have to worry about that schedule running.