Moisture Level More Detail - Cutoff in Android App

When trying to view the Moisture Level - More Detail info in Android App the screen comes up but is cutoff and screen does not rotate when rotate phone to try and see more of the info.


Can you provide a screenshot(s) and make/model of phone and Android version if you know it.



Sure thing, image below. Device is LG V20 Android 7.0

Couple of related things:

  1. Typically users swipe bottom of screens and the offset Return button gives you that cue that possible can swipe whole screen, but actually can only drag the data table
  2. Shame is it also loses the row labels when you do scroll it
  3. Really would be great if app, or at least this screen, could auto rotate so at least see more

Thanks for the followup.

<img src="/uploads/db1097/original/2X/9/969f9b6dedda0e9e8dccb222b5a1a1f7b6fea520.png" =“281” height=“500”>

Just curious, did you try swiping the details to the left? It should scroll.


Yes, as mentioned in #1 you eventually realize can only drag the table not the whole page, and #2 shame that you lose the row labels when you do.

Seems the button should be centered too to not make it seems like whole tab scrolls?

But still being able to rotate the screen for max viewing a wide table makes lot of sense