Moisture level missing

I used to be able to see the current moisture level on each zone. Can’t find it anymore.
Has it been removed in the current app, or is it just hard to find/navigate to?

I’m assuming this is when using the iPhone app? Because my Android and the online apps still show it.

I think you need to have a Flex scheduled enabled in order for moisture levels to display. Did you change the type of schedule you use?

Right, I forgot. Flex Daily, in fact. As that’s all I use, I forgot about it.

I’ll second what others have said.
I have a flex daily for most my zones and the water levels still show up.
But for my vegetable garden I have a fixed schedule. Since it’s not running the schedule based on ground moisture levels, it doesn’t show.

It’s most likely the type of schedule you have that zone associated to.

That sounds reasonable. I guess the reason I have missed it, is that our county has 3 scheduled days to water, depending on the season, water need. When there is a drought issue, we are only allowed to water once a week.

So I put three schedules together: One a week, twice a week and three times a week, and only intend to have one of those active depending on the season, etc.

The problem I run into, is that Rachio only allows one Flex daily schedule in the system. This makes sense if I have multiple schedules active, but not if I only intend to make one of those active.

It would be great if Rachio would allow for multiple daily flex schedules, but only would allow one of those to be active for a zone at a time. And if you tried to make a second schedule active, it would give you an error, and require you to make the existing schedule inactive first.

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I agree completely with that. Just to clarify, you can have more than one Flex Daily schedule, but any given zone can only have one that refers to it. So you can have a Flex Daily for zones 1-4 and a different Flex Daily schedule for zones 5-8. But yes, experimenting with several programs, or enabling them under different conditions would really benefit from allowing multiple Flex Daily schedules for the same zone, as long as only 1 were enabled at a time.