Moisture Level just went over 100% for all zones

Not sure if this is a result of the upgrade but the moisture level of all of my zones went from needing to be watered tomorrow to being over 100% and not needing to be watered until Sunday. I wish that was true but with upper 90’s here in Houston going without water for 5 days is a death sentence for my yard. What is going on?

@briansk12 Please reach out to [] and they can review your account.

Without seeing your raw data can not determine root cause. Thanks!

Corrections that did go out:

  • Zone efficiency was pulling run time in wrong direction
  • Enhanced zone run time equation to better reflect industry standard algorithm
  • Water adjustment levels are now correctly -50% --> + 50%
  • Modified calculation of saturation allowance (going above standard moisture level)


What should >100% signify; flooding and surface water in that area? Wondering if that will screw up scheduling when the zone has a drainage system that sends all the extra water to the street?

That is a calculated saturation allowance, some soil types have a higher propensity for allowing more water that is not runoff. We are still trying to determine what a realistic saturation level should be. Trying to strike a balance of not watering too soon after a large precipitation, but not so far after either.