Moisture Level Issues after watering

Using version 2.6 of the app I created a daily flexiable watering schedule. Looking at the moisture graph, after the system runs on 6/11 it brings the moisture level 100%, then on 6/12 the system ignores the watering and zeros out for 6/12.

Looks like the system doesn’t carry the .54in moisture balance from the 11th to the 12th? How come?

I noticed that same behavior here:

@krypto71077 I’ll have the development review this and determine if display issue or something else.


Ok thanks for the help!

@rodmitch @krypto71077 This was a particularly hard issue to track down. It was due to having restricted days on your flex schedule and how the simulator would have to walk backwards to fill in watering days if we determined the day you should water on was restricted. It is only a display issue. The code is fixed and will be promoted to our production environment this weekend. If possible I don’t recommend having restricted days on flex, it really takes away from the efficiency. I do understand if restricted days are mandatory.


I did the math last night and it looks like the ‘current moisture balance’ was carried over correctly to Jun13. CMB(from Jun11th) +.54in, precip +.01in, CE -.21in equals PMB of .34in for Jun 13th.
Thanks for the help!

Yes, the restricted days are mandatory and I realize it severely limits the function of Flex but I’m curious about how fixed with Weather Intelligence is any better.

The system still only waters enough per day to fill up the available capacity, right? And doing that twice a week is still not enough to keep up with ET, right?

Unless Fixed + Weather Intelligence is just figuring out what the needed watering is and dividing it by the number of non-restricted days but that would mean it’s ignoring capacity and potentially overwatering.

Either that or it’s just doing it’s thing but only doing it on non-restricted days in which case it’s not getting watered enough exactly the same as Flex.

By the way, thanks for fixing it!