Moisture level 0% after sprinkler system ran overnight

After the system ran last night, the moisture level shows 0%. Some zones are scheduled to come in in about 3 days, but at least one zone is not scheduled to come on for about 14 days. Something is not working right…

There was a big jump on June 1st. Was it due to rain?
And next day, the moisture depletion went from 100% to somewhere around 60% in one single day.
Could you share the “More Detail” tabs of Soil Moisture? Also the advanced settings of Zone 2.
And how long were the sprinklers on for zone 2 on June 4th?

The first pic shows the next run to be 6/5. I’ve seen something similar but opposite, eventually it should update and the soil moisture and schedule calendar should match up.

The jump could have been due to manually watering.

With those settings, Rachio is watering less than what is getting lost from evapotranspiration (ET). e.g. watering 0.21inch on 6/04, but ET is 0.26.
What type of grass do you have? Is crop coefficient of 90% the correct setting for your grass? And Is root depth of 6in still appropriate for your established lawn?
Also, what type of sprinklers you have that give 1.5in/hour? Is this based on catch cup test?

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I have not measured the root depth or the in/hr. The grass type is prob a Kentucky bluegrass. I live in Denver, CO. I have the static popup “mist” sprinklers. I hope that’s helpful info! Thanks for your help so far!

Great discussion everyone! @moisture is spot on. Quick review.

With your settings you will never get ahead if ET is ever above .21 since that is the irrigation amount the system wants to water to. Think of credit and debits. credit put down is .21 inches of water, but you are burning more (debit) than are watering, hence always 0%. Noticed your crop coefficient is 100% which tells the system the plant is not very efficient so use water more frequently, and also loamy sand (.07 AWC) is telling the system your yard can only hold a small amount of water. If you change soil to loam and dial back crop coefficient a bit the system will look more “normal”.