Moisture Graph: Add trend lines, daily values, landscape view

The moisture chart (btw… we can’t even use that word in our house. Wife hates it. Brownies are “non-dry” here, :joy: ) are cool to look at, but maybe they leave a little room for improvement.

Comments based on an iPhone 7 Plus screen in portrait rotation. Latest Rachio app & iOS version as of today.

  • Dates are currently a # followed by elipsis rather than “6th” for example.
  • No Y-axis scale, or values per day
  • No forward looking trend line
  • Seem to be locked into N-6 to N days of chart rather than maybe N-3 to N+3 for a look back+present+look forward view.
  • No landscape mode to show more data.


A quick mock-up I did of a landscape mode.

  • Fixed the X-Axis dates
  • Added a dotted forward looking trend line based on expected evap or irrigation+precipitation
  • Added data values for each marker.

You could even put a little rain cloud icon indicating precipitation if the line went up due to a rain event rather than an irrigation event.


This made my morning.

I agree, these charts are lacking on mobile, and since they are a lot of information, I like the idea of giving them more room by using landscape mode, as I think whatever solution we provide in portrait mode will always be lacking. I also love the idea of distinguishing between irrigation and weather events! I will make sure to get your feedback to the team.

PS- that mockup is pretty sweet… I’m telling our designers they better watch out :joy:

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What a great post. Humor, passion and value :wink:


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