Moisture fill not working on web app or Android app

Local KTKI station only reported 0.06" of rain yesterday. My rain gauge showed 1.8" from yesterday’s T-storms. I went into a turf zone to adjust/fill the moisture balance and it doesn’t seem to be impacting anything.

Well it is working as of this morning, and seemed to be a display issue as the two zones I tried to fill yesterday are appearing full now.

Absent a finer-grain control of entering in precipitation override data for individual dates, it would be nice to be able to select the as-of date for a fill/empty adjustment. Now that it is 8/14, I want my other zones to be “full” as of 8/12, not adjusting them to full as of right this moment.

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Thanks for reporting this, it does look like a display issue and I believe it only happens after we roll over to tomorrow in UTC. Will do some testing tonight and if that is the case will have the development team put a code fix in.


Empty is also not displaying as well.

Hoped it was just a display issue but I emptied every zone across 2 different Iro’s and none of them watered this morning.