Moisture calculation off?

Today, Aug 17th, system did not water this zone. Looking at moisture graph there are a few questions. Why does it show forecasted for today (Aug 17th) and not actual? How does one get a -.02" for irrigation? Why does it show it watered on graph when the value in chart is -.02?
Thanks for any insight you may have.

It will stay forecasted for today until tomorrow.[quote=“edbianc, post:1, topic:5963”]
How does one get a -.02" for irrigation?

That’s some true water savings right there! :wink: I honestly don’t know. Did you change any settings today? Did your system actually water today?

Yes. System watered 2 other zones. Last night I tried to empty the “tank” but it never changed the graph.

Hi the arrow on the Irrigation line, it’ll show you a breakdown of how it came to that -.02. Show a screenshot of that

It shows a user edit (fill/ empty) for the -.02

My guess is that the -0.02 is what it took for the system to empty your bucket. With regards to the fact that it still says ‘Forecasted’ today, it will be updated correctly tomorrow. There’s a 24 hour delay in seeing the ‘actual’ values in the display.

OK, sounds reasonable. But why does the system show a water icon on the graph for today’s date?

@edbianc It forecasted that it would water today if the forecasted value came to be true. Given that you initiated an ‘empty’ last night I think that makes sense. It’s a little odd that the droplet is sitting at the allowed depletion line, but I’m pretty sure it will all look better tomorrow. This 24 hour delay in seeing the graph updates is one of the most confusing things about the software.


Thanks guys for clearing this up! Happy watering!


Yeah whenever you do a settings change, it’s best to set it and forget it for a day, especially when it comes to fill/empty

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