Moisture adjustment seems broken

Some of my zones are seeming a bit dried out so I was going to reset their moisture level to 0% so that they’d be watered the next day. However, when I attempted to do so, my moisture level went to 100% and shows that I ran my sprinkler system for today. Now, of course, my zone will not get watered tomorrow because the system thinks that it’s at 100%.

Please advise

My guess is that it will all correct itself tomorrow. I think this is the same thing as I describe here

It’s the odd way that “today” displays. Once you set it to empty, it saw that the MAD was going to be below zero, so it said it needed to water. But the prediction for “today” doesn’t take into account that the time to run your schedule has already passed. Very confusing right now, but take a look tomorrow morning. It will probably run.

If it doesn’t water, it might be because you got some rain. Check the moisture level charts in the morning.


I believe you are correct. I just went and checked now that it’s after midnight and they’re showing 0%.

Still seems like something needs to be fixed here :slight_smile:

That is,showing forecast not actual.