Moisture & Actual Precipitation Reported Issue

@franz There seems to be something up with pulling data from a single WU Station. Rachio was correct at first, after some rain, but then something happened in the last 24-28 hours an now the rain we had on 11/4 is not showing up. Zones whet from 90%+ to the 30s on moisture, and precip. shows zero for that date.

I’m fairly certain this is due to DST (engineer’s nemesis). I’ll have the team do some research but just looking at the data I bet that is the cause. The data is being reported from IBM WU which we don’t have control over. Assuming this is a one-time data issue.

This is the data being received which according to the new offset will resolve to 11/5 and not 11/4. I’ll have the team run this through the simulator to verify but you might have to fill your zone(s) manually.

  "stationID": "KTXPFLUG112",
  "tz": "America/Chicago",
  "obsTimeUtc": "2018-11-05T05:59:52Z",
  "obsTimeLocal": "2018-11-04 23:59:52",



Thanks. Now if only we could fill to a percentage vs. only “full”. :slight_smile: