Modifying watering schedule - zones

i cannot seem to figure out how or if this can be done. i have a schedule that is missing a zone. is there a way to modify the schedule to add (or remove) a zone or do I have to just delete the schedule and create a new one?


Click the schedule and then click zones, and add the missing zone back in.

In the case of flex schedules, a zone can only be in one flex schedule at a time so if it’s already committed to a schedule it won’t appear as an option to add.

But when I click the schedule, (edit watering schedule?) I don’t see Zones as an option. Maybe I am blind

hmm… what type of schedule?

With the current software the only schedule type that allows adding/removing zones is FLEX schedules. Hopefully with the 2.6 release FIXED schedules will re-gain that capability. The developers tell us that for AS NEEDED schedules adding/removing zones over complicates things, so I doubt they will get this capability.

So short answer is you will have to create a new schedule with the zones you want.

OK thanks. Not a big deal but I made an assumption it would be there.

It is not in the beta :scream:

That is really a shame. There is no possible reason to prevent adding/removing zones from a FIXED schedule. But then my schedules are all set–I’ve had the Iro for over a year now–so not an issue to me.