ModifyDelete Custom Nozzle (not mobile)

Excuse me if this has been covered before … I’ve found out where to do this on the mobile version but is there a place on the browser version to edit\delete a custom nozzle?

I’ve also noticed that on the mobile version (android 4.4.4) the custom nozzle has an option for “Flow Rate” (without a defined unit) while the mobile version has an option for ‘PRECIP’. Shouldn’t these inputs be the same, or at least give an option for both types?

I’ve attached a couple of pictures for reference.


Hi @ronjonp
You’re correct about the web version not having the option to edit/delete a custom nozzle. That’s planned functionality, but hasn’t yet made it into the app. As far as the discrepancy between “Flow Rate”/“PRECIP”, we’ll look into this and get sync’d up on our terminology…

Thanks for the feedback!
Dan :rachio:

Thanks for the reply Dan :smile: .
What about the flow unit? Does this change to GPH\LPH if an emitter ‘nozzle’ is selected or is it always GPM\LPM? IMO the option to be able to input these values (mobile & desktop) as either precip rate or total flow would be helpful.

It would be really nice to get GPM as a choice. :wink:

@ronjonp I’ll have to check on that…

@JNotar I’ll discuss this with Franz…

Dan especially on a custom Nozzle. :wink:

@JNotar @ronjonp We’re not planning on any other changes to the custom nozzle setup…

@ronjonp It’s always inches per hour…

Is it a cubic inch?
Because if it is on a 2 GPM I get 27719.9997178 IPH is this right?
Or is there another way to calculate this ? :mask:

You might want to look at some of the formulas in [Hunters Handbook][1] the easiest way to calc PR is to use the total area method 96.25 * Flow (GPM) / Area (SqFt) … although catch cans would be most accurate. :sunglasses:

Is there a way to modify nozzle type on the mobile app, either? i can’t find it anywhere.