Mobile app hangs on IOS12 beta

The IOS mobile app, used with Rachio3, hangs consistently on iPhoneX with IOS12 latest beta. When manually starting a zone, so it shows the banner towards the bottom of the screen that shows pause and stop buttons, the UI becomes unresponsive. Need to re-launch the app to continue. This happens consistently every time.

Always fun to find random bugs in beta iOS! I imagine it would be hard for any developer to know if a crash is caused by a bug in iOS 12 beta or something else. In the meantime, this is something you can also report to Apple using the Feedback app just in case it is a bug/regression on their end. I’ve been using iOS 12 beta on my iPad (because it isn’t critical like my phone) without any Rachio app problems.


I been using the iOS 12 beta for the last couple of months and it has been steady on my iPhone and iPad Rachio app works great with both devices even when we had the Rachio update it update without any issues.

I have also seen the exact same behavior running ios 12 Beta 3. It is unresponsive unless you close the app and then go back in.

Exactly. Happens every time I manually start a zone. I am running IOS12 beta 4 (build: 16A5327f). Good to see this confirmed. Should be something Rachio looks into since this is also the public beta so close to release now.

@bayarea_user- as iOS12 is beta and by my count probably 50 or more days out from general availability, I would expect Rachio to keep their powder dry and not investigate this or any other iOS12 issues until closer to actual availability. As there is a work around to close the app and go back in, versus a hard crash, I’d prefer Rachio to continue iterating on new features for the product rather than chasing iOS 12 rabbits down holes.

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I have reported an issue, it is confirmed by another user, and I have given all input to replicate including the phone model and build#. So the professional reply will hopefully come from Rachio itself to give a schedule for a fix. Don’t feel upset but what you “prefer” is, frankly, not so relevant.

@bayarea_user - see a Rachio post from iOS 11 beta time: