Migration of Hunter Controller to Rachio/Iro - Sprinklers not coming up, no water


I live in Dubai and i have bought my Rachio/Iro while ago and now i’m trying to make it work.
I’m migrating from a Hunter controller where i have a pump and a relay and 4 zones for grass and some trees.

After making the change from the hunter to rachio I can make the pump start but no sprinklers / water come out of them.

Any ideas ?

These are some pictures from my system. Where should i put the master valve? since i’m using for one of the relay cables and its very hard to fit 2.

@gustfuchs, hello from Denver! Thanks for reaching out. Looking at your Hunter controller wiring, I believe you have everything wired correctly. It might be worth separating the two common wires you have in the left white terminal on the Iro, and put the black common into the right white terminal. The common terminals are made to work regardless of what side you connect to. I’m curious if you don’t have a secure connection for the zone common wire.

If this doesn’t do the trick, could you please send us some photos of your valves and solenoids? We’ll need to check their electrical requirements.

Best, Emil

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Hello Gustave,

Hope all is well.
I live in Dubai and I am planning to buy a Rachio then migrate from my Hunter control system.
1-how did you find the Rachio controller ? Were you be able to save on your water consumption while keeping the quality of the plants?
Does it really make sense to use Rachio is dubai Climate where it rains only couple of days?
2- was the migration easy?
I live in meadows so near Jumeirah Park

Much appreciated for your help


@Mouss, looks like @gustfuchs replied to your questions via email. Posting below to give you his update…

i bought on amazon.com and used shop and ship to get into dubai. i replaced from my hunter and by setting up automatically i beneifted from the waste that gardeners usually do!