Migrate Rainbird ESP 12-LX Plus to Rachio 3 - Wiring Question

I am currently connecting wires to my new Rachio 3 and have a question about how to connect 2 wires that were connected to my old Rainbird ESP 12-LX Plus.

Zone 9 (my last wired zone on the Rainbird) was the only zone that had two wires connected to that zone terminal.

The Rachio 3 apparently accommodates only 1 wire per zone terminal. So I’m not sure how to connect the 2 Rainbird zone 9 wires to the Rachio 3 since zone 9 on the Rachio 3 will take only 1 wire. Please help.

@LeeB - I’d first suggest to try each wire individually and see if the desired zone works or a different zone runs. If the two wires are small, then it could be to carry more current. The solution is to get a short section of wire and a wire nut. Wire nut the two existing wires and then one end of the short wire together, then place the other end of the new short wire into the Rachio. Use solid wire, not stranded.

Unknown why the current install had two wires. Could be just a spare that isn’t needed. A test with a multimeter could determine. If there are only 9 spots in the ESP 12-LX, then it could be two zones.

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