MeteoWare Problems: Incorrect Rain Reporting

Hi All,

Over the past 2 days I have noticed that MeteoWare is showing Precipitation incorrectly. Every five hours (more or less) it shows that I received 14.3420mm of rain. It’s always 14.3420mm while I’ve not received a drop. This in turns stops Rachio from watering my yard.

Anyone else seeing this?

Thank you.


What PWS do you have? I know with mine during installation tipping the station was reporting false precipitation which took a reset.

During the installation of your weather station, you may report false rain do to vibration of the tipping


Hi Franz,

Thank you for following up on this. I’m using Netatmo. Oddly, what Netatmo was recording is not what was being shown on MeteoWare. This seems to have been fixed now although I don’t know what caused the problem int he first place.

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