MESOWest weather stations

Is there a way to get MESOWest stations recognized by Rachio? There is one by my house (SBVC1) it’s in RAWS and on a NOAA website It is not in the list of personal or Aires stations.

Would love to get this data into my system. The local microclimate is quite different and there do not appear to be any stations that will work. Better weather connectivity is the main reason I chose Rachio over others.


I will interested to hear Rachio’s response on this. Mesowest is operated by the University of Utah. Here in Oklahoma, we have the Mesonet. Its a joint program of university of oklahoma and oklahoma state university. They charge a fee unlike free NOAA.

@Lmc805 - if one can port the MESOWest stations to WeatherUnderground using something like WUFYI.COM then the station will show up in Rachio. I wouldn’t expect Rachio to pay for weather stations unless people paid a subscription for that benefit.

I thought that because the Mesowest data is hosted on the NOAA site the data would be free for all? Is that not correct?

Perhaps you can contact MesoWest at the University and ask them if they know how to get their weather data.

Is this the station?

The Weather Underground ID is MSBVC1.

As an aside, if anyone is curious as to the accuracy of major weather forecasters, Forecast Advisor tracks how accurate U.S. weather organizations are.

Weather Underground no longer updates this station.

I can get a jason response from mesowest with the latest weather for this station. Anyone know a way to get that into pws? I have the station setup in PWS but was using wufyi.

@Lmc805 PM (link) me the link with the json data and I’ll try to help out.


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Thank you Gene,
I managed to put something together which to be working for me. Might work for others also… it’s a PHP though, so you’d have to have an always-on computer. Still for me this is the only weather station that can work, and the MESOWEst network has a lot of stations - they all seem to be down in weather underground.

API token needed for the file to work is free.

I’m not sure how to post the php file… but pm me if you want it and I’ll figure it out.


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Uhm, ok… Next problem… I have a Gen3 device. My old Gen2 died a few months ago. Now I can see the MESOWest station in the cloud “ghost” of my Gen2, but not in Gen3!!! Looks like (as I guess everyone else knows) Gen3 uses WU, not PWSWeather!

Soooooo Anyone know how to push this same data to WeatherUnderground?

Standby, you will not have to wait long.

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