Meet Team Rachio - Piper R


Hey everybody! Meet Piper! @piperrose is Rachio’s UX Researcher & Writer and has been a part of the Rachio Family since Feb 2017. Get to know them more below :point_down:

What’s your favorite drink?
WATER! That’s why I work at Rachio; I want all the people of the world to be able to drink clean water for all our days.

Who do you look up to/your biggest influencers?
My parents. They overcame so much turmoil in their lives and have taught me unconditional love.

What’s a secret talent of yours?
I am able to convince most people to leave their comfort zone.

What is your favorite smart home product, other than Rachio?
I LOVE keyless door locks. I never fumble for keys when I get home, and I am never locked out of my car.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?
Backpacking across THE WORLD.

Team Rachio LOVES getting to know our customers, so we felt it appropriate to make sure you can get to know us too. Every time we have a new hire, we’ll introduce them to you all here. But there are a good chunk of us who have been here for a while, so we’ll make sure you get to know them as well! Have questions? Ask away!


Piper isn’t new! I talked to her like 6 weeks ago! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Better late, than never :wink:


HA! Nope, not new. They’ve been with us for awhile :slight_smile: They were just the first to get their answers to me and a picture taken :joy: early bird gets to be the guinea pig! (thanks @piperrose)


Great feature. BTW, how do we get that Rachio swag? Would love to rep the company.


Glad you like it @Bgman :slight_smile: There’s more where this came from! And you can find a few swag options here



@Bgman I’ll PM you, I can help with that :wink:



Hey Piper! Nice to see you featured here! Love the swag too! Definitely would love to help you guys out any way I can this year. If there is anything I can do to help please email me or PM!


Any word on when the long sleeve, or any other type of swag will be available?


@araposo Not off the top of my head, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything soon :slight_smile:


woot woot! Definitely let me know!


Hey Piper. Nice to see you. How are the ideas going that we discussed?

Nice glasses. :slight_smile:


@araposo! You help us so much. We should have a feature on members of our amazing inspirational Rachio community. (Like you!) Post pictures of your garden!!!


Haha sure! Missing it a lot right about now. Pretty cold up hear in MA!


Hi @spscoutenPhD! I am the one that gathers and organizes the info from our brilliant power users, but it’s our R&D team that turns that info into new development.

What would you say your #1 improvement would be today? (Because we released so much in 2018!)


I am currently working on some vineyards. They have a unique watering requirement different from what you and I discussed with the native plants, xeriscapes and such.

They need to water at a staggered watering interval of 5, then 6, then 7 days whereas in the spring/summer time (active production of fruit) I need to set them on 20 gallons 2 times per week every other week and then to 25 gallons of water 2 times per week after they are fertilized.

I had to hybridize the Rachio with another system to get this accomplished since the other system allows an output for fertilizer injecting followed by the watering of the Rachio system but in a manual mode.

I am using a fertilizer injector system with liquid fertilizer which shuts the fertilizer off at the specified flow rate for the system, pressure compensated drip emitters and follows with a flush cycle to prevent fertilizer build up which could clog the nozzles if not done correctly.

I would also like to see a longer manual run time to be programmed into the user interface done from the manual part of the controller.

I have some areas that have poor data reception so I need to do system checks in a manual mode from the actual controller. This involves needing more time on some zones as they are farther away from the controller and being able to set shorter run times for zones that are closer to the controller.

This is just some food for thought.

Other than that, Rachio is still on the top of my list for the majority of my irrigation applications.

Keep up the good job. Rachio Rocks!!!


Wow! @spscoutenPhD, I was trying to figure out how our current system could be more helpful, but that is so complex! I will keep thinking about it.

And these vinyards… will they be producing wine someday? :wink:


The complexity is only in the application that I desired to design based on the abilities of the products I have on hand.

This would not be a normal scenario for most people but leaving some advanced options open would be a key to getting a foot in the door for specialized residential and commercial applications.

As far as the vineyards go, Wine is on the menu. Cheers. :wine_glass: