Meet Team Rachio - Chrissy R

Hey friends! Meet Chrissy - one of Rachio’s newest team members. Chrissy joined our team this year as our Marketing Copywriter so you’ll see her words all over the place soon. Get to know her more :point_down:

What do you like to read?
NONFICTION. Especially memoirs. Joan Didion is my absolute favorite author, and I could nerd out about her for hours. I recently read Paul Kalanithi’s autobiography, “When Breath Becomes Air”, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Where are you from?
A good mix of Kansas, Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Colorado. Somebody told me in one of my interviews that I have a Texan accent. I’ve never heard that before in my life, but maybe that means I’m more Texan than anywhere else. :woman_shrugging:

What’s a secret talent of yours?
I can play the piano by ear. I never really learned to read music and I hated classes, but I can pick up almost anything and start playing!

What about your new position at Rachio are you most excited about?
Being a part of a company that can truly change lives. And being able to write about it. That’s damn cool.

Where is your happy place?
In a tent during a thunderstorm somewhere in the mountains. Nothing compares.


I swear we didn’t coordinate on favorite books


@mckynzee woah how did I miss that?!


Welcome aboard.

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