Maybe we need an "I'm Wilting" button on Flex

Rachio has not only sold me a great product, but has educated me in residential turf management. As I begin to familiarize myself with the moisture graphs, it has finally clicked for me that the goal seems to be to drive moisture content as far down as possible to drive root depth growth, possibly letting the plants wilt a little, but not killing or over-stressing them.

There are a lot of sophisticated variables to the new Flex programs, but it seems like one of the main things the algorithm needs to know for refinement is when exactly the plants begin to be overstressed. I’m guessing this is currently accomplished by hitting the “Empty” button, behind the “Adjust” button, behind the “Moisture Level” button.

For a lay person simply trying to teach their controller while keeping their plants alive, this seems to be one of the most important controls on the system.

Would it make sense and be advisable to move or replicate this button to the front page of the zone that allows people to simultaneously a) pull the fire alarm and begin watering, and b) teach their system where that danger line gets crossed?

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Not on purpose :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. For next Spring we will be making modifications to flex schedules so you can adjust frequency and duration much simpler (without turning knobs/dials). You also bring up a great point to make these controls easier.

I’ll make sure to capture this feedback in our flex schedule modifications work backlog.


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