Maybe owner new questions


I am only allowed to run my system on Fridays and Tuesdays in summer, and Tuesdays in winter, both during the nights.

With these restrictions is it worth it replacing a working system with one that uses my local weather forecast? I guess the only way I would save water is if its scheduled to rain later in the day on my scheduled watering days.

Also, I understand how rain where I live can be local. I see very local PWS stations listed on WU, will I be able to point my sprinkler system at this system? for free?


With that restriction, you’ll need to use a Fixed Schedule. But you would still benefit from Rain Skip, Wind Skip and potentially Saturation Skip (Weather Intelligence features). You’ll also be able to control your irrigation from anywhere :slight_smile: With these kinds of water restrictions cool season grass lawn may go dormant (Brown) depending on weather, but hopefully not die. Warm season grass may be OK, since they can have deeper roots and usually better tolerance of drought conditions. With cool season grass, watering more to make up for lack of watering days usually just means wasting water as water will go deeper, beyond grass roots, and that will not be utilized by grass.

I think you’d benefit from Rachio but you may not be very successful with the Flex Daily or Flex Monthly schedule types.

And yes, you can use a local PWS for free so long as it is accessible by whatever model of Rachio you buy. Sometimes a weather station has to be ported over to be useable; come to the forum if you find a station isn’t showing up for selection.