Maximum wire length?

What’s the maximum wiring length that a Gen 3 controller can support? In other words, how far away can the sprinkler valve be from the controller?

I’d like to place a few valves in faraway zones (~400 feet away), and it’s easier to run low-voltage wiring than it is to bury water pipe.

Hey @RoadHazard

In my case, 250’ with no issues, can’t speak to ~400

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The problem is that 2x the distance = 4x the wire length. Losses due to wire resistance can add up quick. That said you will probably be ok based on Rachio’s internal tests:


Using 16 gauge wire on a 400 foot run (800 feet total for 2 conductors) should be no problem. I replied in another post my current readings and voltage drop over the 800 feet and it was only about a loss of a little over 1 volt. see: Size zone wiring This was using Orbit sprinkler valves

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