Master valves and a different zone being fed water from a different tap

Hi guys,

I currently have four zones in my backyard be ING feed of a water supply with a master valve in line.

I’ve decided to try install a fifth zone, however this zone is in our front yard and will be fed water from a different source. Ie the solenoid will be located in the front yard to an independent tap (ie not to the tap that is currently feeding the four zones and master valve at the back). Is the there a way to wire this fifth zone so that it doesn’t release the master valve at the back yard every time it goes on?


Hi @Dukebox-
Currently there is no way to only have the master valve activate for certain zones, however this is a feature request we have received in the past and are looking into. I know it isn’t ideal, but even though your master valve is activating it shouldn’t affect how the zones run. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
McKynzee :rachio:


Cheers. Thanks for the quick feedback.

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