Master Valve not turning off?

So I just got off the phone with support and they suggested I come here to see if anyone has any ideas. I use the Master Valve feature on my Gen1 to run a water pump controlled by an Orbit 57009 relay. The pump pulls water from a 300gal water tank. To prevent the pump from running dry, I installed a simple float switch inline between the relay and Rachio.

The problem is basically the pump will turn on when the sprinklers are not running. For example this is what happened this week:

  • Monday at 6:30am the sprinklers run and the pump is turned on to pull water from the tank. The pump turns off when the water level of the tank is low and watering continues until the end of the program.
  • Monday evening, I manually disable the Master Valve in the Rachio
  • Sprinklers run Tue & Thu mornings and the pump is not turned on as expected
  • Thu evening at 7:30pm the tank is automatically refilled
  • Thu evening at 8pm I notice the pump is running even though the sprinklers are not running so I kill the pump using the circuit breaker for the circuit to the pump

I notice if I pull one of the wires from the coil side of the relay and touch it to the tab, I can hear the relay trigger on & off.

Right now I’ve had to turn off the pump at my circuit breaker to make sure it doesn’t run and damage the pipes when the sprinklers aren’t running.

Anyone see anything like this? Any suggestions? So far technical support isn’t sure if the problem is with my “nonstandard configuration” or with the Rachio. They’ve looked at it’s program and history and can’t find any reason or indication that the pump was running Thu evening.

So interesting thing I noticed. Even when the Master Valve is off or disabled, there is a little over 5VAC on the master valve controller wires. When it is turned on, it increases to ~27VAC. This seems odd… why isn’t it 0VAC when it is “off”? I’ve looked at the spec sheet for the Omron relay being used in the Orbit relay box and based on my reading, it requires the “off” voltage to be <15% of the “on” voltage of 24VAC which would be only 3.6V (this prevents the relay from quickly turning on/off and damaging the pump should the voltage briefly drop). Hence the “off” voltage isn’t really off as far as the relay is concerned.

@synfinatic – I’ll be taking over your support ticket moving forward. I’m curious to learn more about how you configured the float switch. From the feedback provided, I believe the controller has experienced some damage and may need to be replaced. I’ll follow up with you via support with additional questions.