Master flow not shutting off

Hi there, I’ve been waking up in the morning and noticing one of the lines that was on the night before hasn’t been shutting off. It takes me shutting off the valve entirely to stop the flow.

Yesterday I replaced the valve and the sprinkler line thinking that was the issue. The line was moved to a new zone, and that didn’t fix the issue either. All other zones are working for me, and the issue may be due to this zone being the last one that’s watered.

Is there something I haven’t checked yet?

So you replaced the valve that was staying on? When you replaced the valve, did you also replace the solenoid?

If the water shuts off when you turn off the flow to the system, and doesn’t come back on when water is restored, that tells me that it isn’t electronic or Rachio related.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what a solenoid is. I replaced the valve entirely with a different brand of valve.

When I open the master valve again, the water starts flowing into the emitters.

So you have a master valve (solenoid) before the zone valves, or are you talking about a manual valve to shut off the water main.

A solenoid is the electronic piece on top of the sprinkler valve that has the wires.

Yes, the whole sprinkler valve was replaced, solenoid included.

I can only stop the water when I shut off the master valve by the water source. I’ve tried opening the master valve again to see if the new electric valve is still a problem, and it is. I’ll be checking to see if there’s a low current going to that valve today.

My guess is that it’s the Rachio since every other piece has been replaced… I’ve got a Gen 2

When the water is improperly flowing, try disconnecting the zone wire at the Rachio. If the flow stops, the Rachio zone output is defective. If not, disconnect one wire at the valve. If water keeps flowing, the new valve is defective or improperly installed.

@Oniasuka - check to make sure the solenoid is a 24 VAC not DC powered solenoid. It should be labeled on the side. One can always post a picture for verifcation and/or a part number. DC solenoids are latching solenoids and Rachio can turn them on, but can’t turn them off.

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This is the valve I have on each zone:

@Oniasuka - as long as the solenoid hasn’t been changed out to a DC solenoid then that vavle should have an AC solenoid.

From Rain Bird:

A. Water Won’t Shut Off (seeping or full flow)

  1. Incorrect controller setting (check length of run time)
  2. Loose solenoid (should be tight)
  3. Loose bleed screw - check and tighten (finger tight
    4a. Diaphragm filter clogged. Use manual, external bleed
    to flush valve. If this does not improve operation, remove top of valve (6 screws). Remove diaphragm and
    inspect filter for debris. (Check 4b at the same time.)
    Clean diaphragm filter and reassemble valve.
    4b. Diaphragm/valve seat fouled or damaged. Remove diaphragm and inspect diaphragm and valve seat for
    damage or debris. Clean or replace diaphragm and reassemble valve.