Mason jar test - did I pick the right spots?

Can you guys help me out? I think I’ve selected the right transition points? I took a photo and used the pixels as my measurement. If I’ve marked the spots right, I’m either at ‘Loam’ or ‘Sandy Loam.’ What do you think…did I mark the right spots?

IMHO I’d err on the higher available water capacity which will provide deeper, less frequent waterings. Loam (our default) is .17 inches, Sandy Loam is .12 inches. I’d go with loam and see if you get desired results. If not post back to the community and we can help out.


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Thank you for your response! Is there any setting in my Rachio controller to use when I’ve newly planted? I just redid my yard, and everything is new and presumably needs a little extra water for a bit for everything to take root. Would be great if there was a checkbox or configuration setting to indicate that there are new plants… Thanks!

Hey @kjaslow!

You can follow the settings at this article: New Seeding Schedule