Map of zones

Love it. I was thinking of doing this with Google Maps this morning funnily enough. It has that capability. Also to use to locate the valves etc., since I have 4 boxes that get buried under pine straw.

You could even walk to the spots in your yard and use GPS in the phone to “mark” the locations.

like the idea mapping individual sprinkler heads into zone by gps mapping. good idea.



This would seem to be a nice to have feature that should be probably be looked at later in the roadmap and not delay the really requires features. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Love the GPS marking of the zones idea.

I know I’m performing thread necropsy here, but did you figure something out that worked well? The GPS idea sounded nice, but aren’t commercial GPS units only accurate to something like 5-10m horizontally? I could stand at two nozzles 30’ apart and see the same reading. I popped outside and the GPS app I was using was claiming +/-15 foot accuracy.

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If you use a GPS enabled smartphone, they are accurate to approximately a 16 foot radius, but there’s lots of things that can interfere, such as near-by trees or even hazy skies and signal bounce.

Dual-frequency or augmented receivers, such as those that use SBAS (satellite based augmentation) are extremely accurate.