Many zones suddenly won't turn on

I have been using the 16 zone Iro successfully for about 6 months. All of a sudden, today, about 1/2 of the Zones will not turn on, either automatically or manually.

Any idea why this is happening?

Have you checked the wiring? Sounds like a possible common wire issue.

Have not had a chance to check wires yet. However, there are three banks of valves, each located in different parts of the property. In Bank #1, 5 of 6 valves do not work; in Bank #2, 3 of 5 do not work; and in Bank #3, 1 of 5 does not work. So, it appears as if the common wire(s) may not be causing the problem. And, again, as I said in original message, everything had been working properly for quite some time.

Have you or someone else been digging in your yard. It sounds to me like your wires may have been cut. I would try to move the wires from one valve that is working to a non working valve to make sure.

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hum, im not so sure, i would assume there is a single common wire for each box, so the fact that a valve in each box is in fact working seems very odd for the common to be broken.

i would place a bad valve wire into the rachio of a working valve and manually kick off that “working” zone again to see if the bad valve does in fact turn on…if it doesnt, ill go with a broken hot wire for the valve itself but could be a bad common.

The system is now working. I resolved the issue by resetting the GFI.

As I mentioned, this morning, about 1/2 the zones were working. But, by this afternoon, none of the zones were working. I checked the contacts and discovered there was no power to the terminals. After resetting the GFI, all zones were functional. But, here’s what was strange: even when nothing was working, the Iro power light was always on, and the blue status light would come on each time I tried to manually start a zone. So it appeared the Iro had power even though the zones were not operating.

Does the Iro have an internal battery with some kind of trickle charge? If the circuit had been tripped off, could there have been enough internal charge to run some zones but not all of them? And, if so, shouldn’t the Iro communicate through the app that there is a problem with the power source?

wow, that is killer.

can we assume that a slight/quick brown out on the outlet left the iro in a bad state?

i know my old wireless routers would do that and i would have to reset them…the lights would dem/flicker quickly and boom, no more internet even though i could log into the router page? i know, im grasping at straws here…