Manually scheduling a schedule to run once

I’m pretty sure this has been suggested over and over and I can’t believe it’s still not an option, so I’m mentioning it again because this will be a deal-breaker if I need to change out or buy a new sprinkler controller.

I really dislike the UX with Rachio, but there is one major glaring omission: being able to manually schedule a schedule to run once.

Some days I have to skip watering due to weather or occasional lawn maintenance. It would be nice to be able to tell it to run a specific schedule once at a specific time without having to work around it with other silly schedule changes. The other method I’d like would be to bump a schedule from one day to the next.

Am I really going to have to continue working around it or to write my own app with the API to be able to do something that should otherwise be easy?

I would like something like this too. A “Delay this run” would be ideal, sometime I’ve got something going on and I don’t the sprinklers to run today (or whenever) but I also don’t want the yard to go n more days without water. I want to skip today, but have it water tomorrow and then readjust the schedule to water n days after the last run.

@BBQnBEER Until Rachio implements your feature request, you could consider this:
If you are using a Flex Daily schedule, you can easily skip the next run and it will automatically run again the next day, assuming the soil moisture level is below the set point.

To skip a schedule: