Manually Enter/Override Rain Amounts

Can the app be updated to allow manually entry rain amount?

While the local weather stations are often close, actually rain amounts vary greatly here in Kansas.


Thanks @ShawneeKS. Do you have your rain gauge to measure this? Curious to know where you’ll get that data.

Exactly–the thought is to help with these summer storms when the weather station (only a few miles away) can see 1"+ of rain yet my property is dry.

Not enter everyday, but manualy override when needed.

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This would be very handy. We had pop-up storms here in Atlanta yesterday afternoon/evening, with my yard getting a thorough drenching around dinner time. Imagine my surprise when I awoke today to find that my flex schedules had watered one of my larger zones for 28 minutes (0.30 in) this morning. It appears that the nearest PWS didn’t report any rainfall yesterday, which is entirely possible given the spotty nature of the storms yesterday.

I’ve thought about getting my own PWS to better capture the microclimate, but my yard is small (1/3 acre lot) & ringed with large trees, so proper siting for a PWS is between difficult & impossible. Putting one on the roof would likely run afoul of the HOA & my wife.

Another handy feature would be a single button in the app to “fill all zones”. This could be used when you get a very thorough drenching, rather than going to each zone individually to fill. No rain gauge required.


Hey @davidcarter, it is possible currently to fill or empty the moisture level of a zone, assuming it’s in a Flex Daily schedule.

Just wanted to make sure you are aware.

Hey @ShawneeKS, totally makes sense, but still wondering how you would capture this information. Do you have a rain gauge on your property?

Yes, I’m definitely aware of the ability to fill zone-by-zone, what I’m suggesting is a single button in the app to fill all zones at once. I only have 6 active zones, but even that number of zones is a pain to fill individually. When I get a lot of rain, it’s rare that it only rains on the back yard & not the front. If I need to fill one zone, 99% certain I need to fill all zones at that time.


Just wondering if any progress has been made, or is in the process being made, on the ability to manually enter the actual rainfall totals as suggested by this post? The empty/fill feature is helpful, but the ability to enter the exact amount and then allowing the controller to do the necessary calculations for flex watering would be great.

I would love to see this sort of functionality as well - I live in NM, and monsoon season will be starting soon (this is my first summer with my Rachio), where spot thunderstorms can mean significant differences in rainfall even 0.5 miles away. This morning, we’re actually getting rain from what is left of Hurricane Bud, and my manual, old-school glass rain gauge is approaching 0.5" of rain (as are various other buckets that are sitting outside), where the closest weather stations on (0.5 and 2 miles away) show more like 0.25".

I’ve love to see a simple, ‘Manually override rainfall’ feature, where I could simply enter 0.5", have it update all zones as if the precip number came from the weather station.


Agreement with thread.
Is there, or why isn’t there, an API call to notify the device of actual conditions to override whatever data it’s using for internal calcs? As a developer I’d love to play with this. I just got a Gen3 and am anxious to make the best of the API and whatever data that can be imported and exported to get it to do what it does better.